Intimidating thesaurus

08-Sep-2017 06:02

There was a little pause, and the father stood rigid, menacing.

She was painfully impressed by the obscurity of the night—sinister, menacing.

You'll forgive me for frightening you, but it is best you should be forewarned.

I have no intention of frightening her; I shall give her every chance.

This arbitrary conduct did not succeed in intimidating the other Councillors.

It is settled that it is a tort in a three-party situation, that is, where A threatens B that if he does not do something to C, A will do something unlawful to B.

I should make no scruple of frightening him within an inch of his life, for his good.

I was on the point of saying this, but Schomberg's stare was intimidating.

Then they remained for a moment confronting each other, mute and menacing.